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Normally I don't like going to Museum but this place, Hands down the best museum! The staffs are very friendly and the place is fun with feeding animal and Tractor / train ride. Kids enjoy it. Recommended for family. A must go museum.
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Benni Tedja Avatar
Benni Tedja
This was my first experience going with my 2 boys (5 &4) and we will definitely will be coming back! People were lovely, toilets clean , card or cash options (except some shops) and large areas for family picnics, parking was easy too. Very happy mum with 2 very tired boys :-) Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No
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Daniela Montero Avatar
Daniela Montero
Step back in time in this magnificent museum. The Australian Pioneer Village is a fantastic place for the whole family, and with plenty of parking. Me and My wife always visit The Australian pioneer village a few time's a year to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, we sit and enjoy a cup of billy tea and damper at this wonderful place, we both walk around and enjoy spending the day in the pioneer village, The Australian pioneer village is a fantastic place to experience the peaceful atmosphere of this wonderful village. The Australian Pioneer Village is a magnificent place to visit.
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David Carey Prentice Avatar
David Carey Prentice
The Australiana Pioneer Village is a cool place to learn and experience the Old Aussie Times. You can explore the town or sit down for some tea and scones. Very enjoyable and recommended.
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Matan Weitsman Avatar
Matan Weitsman
This place is a mesmerising adventure, amazing experience, great people, if you want to have a fun few hours with family, this is the place to visit, I'm gonna visit them more often, no support or help from anyone, all volunteers lovely people trying to keep the heritage of Australian first village, it's highly recommended, please support them
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Arman Rajabzadeh Avatar
Arman Rajabzadeh
Worth the $5 entry. Fun and interesting place. Some of the volunteers could use some people skills but otherwise nice. Tea and scones were good value. Live music was a nice touch. Good way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday.
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James Tintinger Avatar
James Tintinger
Okay if you like a bit of history or looking for an easy day out with the family this is for you. We took a picnic and relaxed on the grass. You can get food & drink on site and sit down and have a meal. Great for the kids who need space to enjoy themselves. A bit of entertainment on there special days. Check it out.
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Anthony Simon Avatar
Anthony Simon
Great place for learning and having fun. Now people know Australia has a long human history started by Aboriginals and Torres Strait Island people. Migrants and travellers can have a lot of chances to learn their culture and history, including their current ongoing frustrations. However, I believe that learning about first migrants / convicts' lives is also an important part of learning this country (other than gaols). Therefore, I don't think this is a place only for children as they mainly advertise, but for adults as well. In fact, I believe that adults find this place has a lot of fun more than kids! I highly recommend this place for all ages and all races. * I sincerely appreciate all volunteers and locals.
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H YoOoN Avatar
Exceeded all our expectations. Really well maintained, loads of activities to do and creative touches really added to the whole experience. All amenities were immaculate too. Will definitely be coming back.
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Samantha Shoaib Avatar
Samantha Shoaib
Had a great day with few families of my friends! Nice picnic area and friendly volunteers! Shared some village pictures on social media, and few my friends are wondering where the village is? And they will visit the village soon too!
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Andy Liu Avatar
Andy Liu
Pioneer village is one of the must places to visit here in Australia. It makes you feel like you are in the 19th century with all the old houses, decoration as well as the staff. They wear the 19th' clothes and speak the old English! They are soooo friendly and happy to assist you any time. :)
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Flora Mahdi Avatar
Flora Mahdi
The village is a good historic site with a few fun activities for kids and adults. The cafe near the entrance is not very good, I was waiting for my food for 1hr and the food is not good quality. If you're going there, take some food with you or cook BBQ there. The rides on the train and tractor wagon were good!
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Karina Bright Avatar
Karina Bright
Being in the museum is like stepping back in time. Great way to learn about Australian history. They have scheduled activities (may change on short notice depending on how many volunteers they have). Wish we stayed longer because I wanted to see inside of the public school house but it was around 2pm to 3pm. Definitely worth a visit again.
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Bea L Avatar
Bea L
5 star ratingGreat place to spend a day Had no real knowledge of this place and was pleasantly surprised. Family of 4 for $15 entry. Plenty of history to see, read and have explained by the appropriately dressed and informed staff. 2 x eateries if you don't want to do a picnic, plenty of space for picnics and to run around. Free bikes was a nice touch; some entertainment you need to pay for, including hay ride,mini-train and smaller kids train, feeding the animals. Plenty of parking and just enough to do and see to fill an afternoon. Worth a visit.
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markT4404SB Avatar
I would like to recommend you to visit this place. This place is great for kids and adults. Learn about Australia’s history. Vintage style is good for photography. If you love about photography, I do recommend you to get old-style dresses. The mini train ride and an old car. Awesome Australia heritages places. Plenty of car park. Nice Damper Camp, nice food and drink. The price is fine. You can have food and drink with the old-style place.
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TripWalkingBy Apinya Avatar
TripWalkingBy Apinya
A beautiful way to be transported to the past when life was hard but tranquil and people cared for one another. All the artefacts were lovely and original depicting the Era. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
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Christine Maria DEBSKI Avatar
Christine Maria DEBSKI
Such an amazing day out. Was awesome stepping back in time. I have teenage step sons & a toddler and they all really enjoyed their time here. Plenty of places to sit and enjoy a picnic or BBQ, I personally thing that the area up the back near the pond was the better spor to sit. the damper was delicious, lolly shop was cheap, food reasonably priced. Only cosy is $25 entry and $5ea to ride the pioneer express train which was worth the price. the amount of things to look at and try and Envision what it was like living life back in those days was just awesome. Highly recommended tipping the volunteers as they dedicate their Sunday to this for us. I could keep typing but then I'll leave nothing for you to discover lol.
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Tia Paikea Avatar
Tia Paikea
The Australiana Pioneer Village is a fun, family day out. The Kids love getting to see old machinery, have a ride of a Penny-farthing, go on the steam train ride and run about in the wide open spaces. Pack a picnic lunch, and go and explore how things were back in the 1800s
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Megan Oliver Avatar
Megan Oliver
Great place for a picnic and to learn about Australia's history and the way our pioneers lived and worked.Shame only open on Sundays but when you don't have enough volunteers not much else can be done.Also great place for a wedding.
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Alan Noble Avatar
Alan Noble
Great place for family picnics and kids. Bicycles galore for free and the Devonshire teas are amazing. Had a brilliant day here on Father's day and to think it's all run by volunteers _ amazing. This place needs support to keep it going!
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raymond briffa Avatar
raymond briffa
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