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A true gem! What a privilege to explore this historical village and enjoy the miniature trains, hayride and animal feeding time. My kids absolutely loved the free bikes to get around for the special S... read more

Ananna R Avatar
Ananna R

What a great little place run by volunteers. Take a step back in time and enjoy a relaxing day out. Very affordable for the whole family. Have lunch in either little cafes on offer or take a picnic lu... read more

Lynell Jordan Avatar
Lynell Jordan

Great place for family picnics and kids. Bicycles galore for free and the Devonshire teas are amazing. Had a brilliant day here on Father's day and to think it's all run by volunteers _ amazing. This ... read more

raymond briffa Avatar
raymond briffa

The Australiana Pioneer Village is a cool place to learn and experience the Old Aussie Times. You can explore the town or sit down for some tea and scones. Very enjoyable and recommended.

Matan Weitsman Avatar
Matan Weitsman

If you have kids who are interested in Australian Pioneer history then bring them here - it's relatively inexpensive and takes a good few hours to explore!And there's a pub right next door (we only re... read more

Jerome Harris Avatar
Jerome Harris

A true gem! What a privilege to explore this historical village and enjoy the miniature trains, hayride and animal feeding time. My kids absolutely loved the free bikes to get around for the special S... read more

Ananna R Avatar
Ananna R

5 star ratingA lovely, affordable day out. For only $5 per adult you can spend the whole day here.
We took a packed lunch and as did many other families. Although food is available for purchase in various areas.
A good place to take the fam...
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Laura I Avatar
Laura I

5 star ratingAbsolutely awesome Australiana pioneer village at Wilberforce NSW is an absolutely under promoted and under utilised tourist destination. It features genuine, (not replica), buildings from Sydney’s distant past set into... read more

dannymK4581MG Avatar

Was initially hesitant to go to Australiana but it was a pleasant surprise. The olde town was eye opening how colonial people used to live. The history was great and the people running the village wer... read more

Andrew Fender Avatar
Andrew Fender

Enjoyable experience with the family, came here on fathers Day with the family and had a very pleasant experience. Plenty to look at and see. Particularly enjoyed the train rides!

Nicholas Jenkins Avatar
Nicholas Jenkins

Did the ghost tour. It was entertaining and was a good night out. Didn't see any ghosts but some people claim to have felt something. Our large group was broken into smaller groups. Each group had an ... read more

gerard yeo Avatar
gerard yeo

Worth the $5 entry. Fun and interesting place. Some of the volunteers could use some people skills but otherwise nice. Tea and scones were good value. Live music was a nice touch. Good way to spend a ... read more

James Tintinger Avatar
James Tintinger

just had a family day...13of us had a wonderful time ..something for everyone,feeding the animals, tractor and train rides spotless picnic areas as were the toilets.volunteers were so helpful and frie... read more

margaret mooring Avatar
margaret mooring

What a wonderful surprise, the place is staffed by very passionat volunteers, who were very happy to explain and share their knowledge about the pioneer days of NSW. and a grat picnic ground as welll.... read more

Keith Rowe Avatar
Keith Rowe

This is a great place to take your family for a little taste of Australia. It is self funded by public entry fees. Very reasonable. It is well run and a great tourist attraction. From what I am led to... read more

Brett and Tammy Simpson Avatar
Brett and Tammy Simpson

Amazing location and stunning for photoshoots and photographers, particularly photographers, models and filmmakers interested in cosplay, steampunk and victorian gothic style locations. I did a photos... read more

Victoria Ferrara Avatar
Victoria Ferrara

A wonderful day out for the whole family. Hands on immersive history and a cheery bunch of volunteers. All the old cottages, houses and stables are a wonderful insight into life in the 19th and earl... read more

Niall Clerkin Avatar
Niall Clerkin

Awesome place to show the kids just how far humans have evolved and teach them the Australian history this place is soo amazing for the super low fee to get in and such awesome staff which are so amaz... read more

Arrow Avatar

Actually so dope. They have a smithy there on Sundays and gosh did he give the hot metal a wallop. And they have a General Store, i got an umbrella! And some honey for my mum but that was from the pla... read more

Dylan Reisch Avatar
Dylan Reisch

Great place for a picnic and to learn about Australia's history and the way our pioneers lived and worked.Shame only open on Sundays but when you don't have enough volunteers not much else can be done... read more

Alan Noble Avatar
Alan Noble
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