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Come along enjoy activities and demonstrations from the 19th Century

There will be many demonstrations and activities including:


  •  Revolting Peasants will have many demonstrations including shoe making, Butter Churning, Quern stone with grain, Boat building tools and techniques, Net making, Deaths head button making, Dorset button making and more……….at 11.30pm they will give a talk on ‘A Year in the Life of a Peasant’
  • In the School House try sewing with a an antique handcrank Willcox and Gibbs sewing machine and Victorian Clothing at 2.30pm The School House will be open to hear about schooling in the 1800s
  • Visit the wagons in the Quilty Shed
  • See how they made roof slates


  • There will be a sermon in the Church at 1.00pm
  • At the Post Office make an envelope, use Ink & a Nib Pen to write on the envelope, put a 1 penny stamp on the envelope and seal with wax
  • Carpentry Shed & Smelting Shed will have demonstrations throughout the day
  • Visit Case Cottage and hear about the dances that used to be on inside the house
  • In the Shearing Shed Hawkesbury Spinners will have demonstrations of weaving and more

There is so much to do and see

There will be train rides and tractor hayride and wagon rides

Entry Fee: $10 per Adult, $5.00 per child, Senior or Carer, $25.00 for a family of 2A & 2C, Children under 3 free entry

The Oxboro Inn and Danper Camp will be open for meals

The Village gates will open at 10am and close at 4pm