Fun day out for the whole family

With plenty of attractions, plan to spend the day.

As you wander through The Australiana Pioneer Village it is easy to imagine what life was like during the early years of Australia. There are plenty of activities and attractions for the family to ensure everyone has a fun day out.

The Australiana Pioneer Village Map

Things to do

Some of the attractions available at The Village.

Train Rides

The Pioneer Express

Our Pioneer Express train rides operate from 10am – 3pm. Purchase your ticket from the ticket office for $5 each. Great fun for all!

Village Express

The Village Express

Our Village Express miniature train rides operate between 10am to 3pm each day with tickets available for $2 each from the ticket office.

Tractor Hay Rides Village

Tractor Rides

Tickets are $3 per ride, purchase from the ticket office, 10am – 3pm. Hop aboard one of our tractor and hay rides and enjoy a trip around The Village.

Butter Churning

Butter Churning

Butter Churning is the process of shaking up cream or whole milk to make butter via a butter churn. See how butter was made in a time before machines.

Picnic Area


Have a beautiful picnic in the spacious picnic grounds of The Village. Bring your own food or buy a meal from our shops. Onsite BBQs are available.

Water Pump

Water Pump

Nowdays fresh water is readily available from taps but it wasn’t always that easy. Come and see how people in the 1800s got their water.


Convict ID Card

A very popular attraction for the children. Come and get your historical Convict Identification Card…no Freedom Certificates though!

Farm Animals

Farm Animals

A very popular activity for the kids. Cows, horses, sheep, chickens, there are plenty of farm animals on display and the kids will love giving them a pat.

Wool Spinning Demonstration

Wool Spinning

During the early years, people were reliant on wool for their clothing. Watch a live demonstration of fleece wool being turned into yarn.

Washing Board Demonstration

Clothes Washing

See how to wash clothes via a washing board. The board is just like that used traditionally – it has little ridges that get rid of the dirt.

Street Theatre

Family Street Theatre*

Come and watch an entertaining and authentic Street Theatre conducted by our friendly group of Volunteers.

Old Vehicles

Old Vehicles

An antique tractor, farm utilities, an old fire engine and antique cars are just some of the old machinery on display throughout The Village.

Colonial Dress Ups

Colonial Dress-Ups

For a small $5 hire fee you can try on a variety of traditional colonial clothing. Have a role play with your friends and take some photos to share.

Guided Tours

Free Village Tours

Want to hear some interesting facts and historical details as you wonder The Village? We have free guided tours each day at 10:30am.

Penny Farthings

Penny Farthings*

Adult and children’s size Penny Farthings available for riding around The Village – for FREE ! Only available some days.

Free Games

Free Games

We have a range of free games available at The Village including giant traditional noughts and crosses and Jenga.

Feed the animals

Animal Feeding

Hand feed The Village animals at 12 noon for $2 a bag of grain and a carrot. Purchase tickets between 10am – 12 noon from our ticket office.

* Not available all days. Dependent on Volunteer availability.

Chemist Druggist
Traditional Hut
Antique Water Pump
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Historical Post Office